PACSA workshops at EASA 2008

At the 10th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), held from 26 to 30 August in Ljubljana, Slovenia, PACSA members, as well as other colleagues working in the field of PACSA, organized a number of panels and workshops, ranging from discussions of how ethnic identities are turned into either-or categories in times of conflict (Workshop 053) to explorations of narratives of violence (W039), the processing of trauma in post-conflict societies (W032) and how peace and conflict zones are connected with one another (IW06). Here is a list of PACSA-related workshops:

Inivited Workshop 06: Connecting peace and violence: Zones, transgressions and causes
Workshop 019: The anthropology of the United Nations
Workshop 026: Imagining and constructing “terrorism” and “war on terror”
Workshop 032: Processing trauma in (post-)conflict societies
Workshop 039: Violence expressed
Workshop 050: Studying anthropologists in war and conflict zones
Workshop 053: Fragile transitions: From coexistence to the emergence of hatred
Workshop 096: Memory and material culture in post-conflict societies