About us

PACSA is a network of scholars and researchers engaged in the study of peace and conflict from a wide range of anthropological perspectives. Both peace and conflict are contested concepts. Peace has been used to denote concepts as diverse as an emotional state or feeling (‘peace of mind’) to a social or political order (‘just peace’). Conflicts range from interpersonal disagreements, inter-cultural or inter-faith animosities, cross-border skirmishes up to regional or even global war. For the sake of clarity, we define the scope of PACSA’s engagements as follows:

  • PACSA is concerned with social and cultural processes of peace and conflict.
  • The sort of conflicts that PACSA investigates involves socially and culturally organized violence
  • PACSA’s research is informed by ethnographic and comparative knowledge.

The contribution of anthropologists to the study of peace and conflict is vital. Anthropologists are able to address the human dimensions of these issues. Among the challenges that anthropologists face is how to make sense of these dimensions and how to best communicate them.


Dr. Fiona Murphy; Queen’s University/Belfast f.murphy@qub.ac.uk

Dr. Katja Seidel; University of Vienna/Austria katja.seidel@univie.ac.at

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